In case of car and furniture upholstery, leather care should focus on protection against: abrasion, stains, discoloration and aging.

For this purpose, choose a care product dedicated to specific leather. It is worth reaching for preparations containing in its composition: synthetic oils, fats and UV filters.  Prior to the comprehensive use of the care product, it is recommended to check its operation in a hidden area. If the test resulted in no undesirable effects (e.g. discoloration, too strong smell of the product), then you can go ahead and proceed impregnation. Care products should always be applied on cleansed leather, using a “seam to seam” technique.


check the absorption of liquids (in not visible spot)

use dedicated care preparations

protect against strong sunlight and heat sources

do not scrub (e.g. dirt)

do not use solvents such as: acetone, nail polish remover, turpentine

when there are scratches or dirt resistant to dedicated impregnation products, get an expert advice or professional repair

protect bright leather against discoloration

provide ventilation that will protect against mold